Those Walls I Built

I swore up and down

I promised myself just one thing

I built those walls so high

So no one could ever destroy me again

but, for you I slowly let them down.

I let you in fully and I was happy

I felt safe and secure and whole.

My walls were still there

but they were no longer blocking you out.

I felt at home. I felt needed and wanted.

Those walls came tumbling down and I let you in…

I let you in, and I was okay with it

I was more then okay… I was excited.

But, that wasn’t enough.

Oh no of course it wasn’t. 

I was still in the wrong, or maybe it was you

Either way, I became hurt. 

And people beg to be let in

but why the FUCK should I let anyone in?

My walls were made of upset thoughts and a broken heart

but now, well now they are impenetrable. 

These walls are made of anger, tears, and much more. 

To let someone in again will be the hardest thing I will ever do. 





i think its funny how there are some actors who played a role for so long that its almost impossible for me to see them as anything else


and then there are some actors who’ve done so many roles i dont even see them as actors anymore it’s just them as themselves in another movie


and then there are actors who you’re not quite sure what they really look like


#johnny depp the best cosplayer